Write up of the ‘Knowledge Management in Law Firms’ Panel Talk

News posted on Apr 28, 2022 by Agnieszka Dyzma

Member and attendee of the event, Clare Brown has written a summary of the key themes she teased out from the event. You can read her original post here” – link below:

What is the relationship between knowledge management and legal tech? (

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CLIG: Informal gathering 10th Feb Farringdon

News posted on Feb 10, 2022 by Agnieszka Dyzma

Those eager eyed amongst you may have noticed that there has been no word of a New Year Party this year. Though we didn’t share anything with you, our members, we had begun planning the party but with the continued uncertainty over covid restrictions we decided to postpone.

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CLIG Panel Talk “A Reflection on Careers: Legal Information Paths”

News posted on Jul 15, 2021 by Agnieszka Dyzma

CLIG warmly invites you to our reflection on legal information careers. The last 16 or so months have forced cognitive shifts and perspective changes on all of us. Whether you’ve had career plans halted due to the pandemic or have had quiet time enough to meditate on the possibility of change, or perhaps you’ve spent so much time working remotely you feel you’ve lost touch with the wider perspective of what peers and colleagues are doing.

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