Reimagining, redefining or repositioning knowledge. What is the key to unlocking knowledge in a changing legal market?

Posted Wednesday, 30th October 2019 by Grant Hood

As we head out of the first phase of the current wave of [legal] innovation into a maturing environment of scaling new legal services, new approaches to people, process, data and then technology - what is the role of Knowledge and Information Management?


What should knowledge cover? What types of content and information needs to be curated? What skills and roles need to be developed or brought into the KM team?


This talk will look to this evolution and how knowledge is emerging in the light of legal services changes and technological maturity/advancements. But never fear,  Alex will focus on some core, never changing skills and will not be afraid to call out BS where it’s a new label on a core KM skill.


About the Speaker: Alex Smith is the Global Product Management Lead for iManage RAVN. He has over 20 years of experience in product management and service design, including new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, semantic search and linked data, as well as content management. Prior to iManage RAVN, Alex has held positions at Reed Smith LLP and LexisNexis UK.