CLIG: Informal gathering 10th Feb Farringdon

Posted Thursday, 10th February 2022 by Agnieszka Dyzma

Those eager eyed amongst you may have noticed that there has been no word of a New Year Party this year. Though we didn’t share anything with you, our members, we had begun planning the party but with the continued uncertainty over covid restrictions we decided to postpone. It now appears those restrictions are beginning to lift. So you can rest assured the party will be going ahead at a later point in the year. 

For now, we will be having an informal meet up at The Castle on Feb 10th from 6pm onwards giving those who are craving some conversation and catch up, the opportunity to do so. This event will not be sponsored and therefore all members will be responsible for purchasing their own drinks.

Additionally, we have some informative online talks in the pipe line which we’ll be sharing the details of soon – do keep your eyes peeled.

Venue: “The Snug” – The Castle, Farringdon 34-35 Cowcross St, London EC1M 6DB

Time:  6pm onwards

Cost: Due to the event being an informal catch up and not sponsored, members must purchase their owns drinks. Any suppliers are attending as guests themselves and will not be buying drinks for attendees