CLIG Professional Skills Survey

Posted Monday, 18th November 2013

The City Legal Information Group is currently surveying its law firm members to gain an understanding of how the role of legal professionals in law firms is changing.  We hear a good deal about the changing nature of both law firms and the information profession, but there have been few recent studies looking at how the two interact.

This survey is an attempt to fill this gap and will be used as the basis for planning future CLIG seminars to support information professionals in law firms.  In particular, we are hoping to document the opportunities available to information professionals to apply their skills and experience beyond traditional library roles.   Information professionals in law firms develop very detailed knowledge and many skills beyond research and traditional library skills.  Finding ways to exploit on these should provide information professionals with opportunities for career development and law firms with opportunities to capitalise on latent talent within their existing staff.)

We are hoping for the broadest possible response to this survey from City law firm information professionals.  Do please take a few minutes to fill in this survey and do encourage your colleagues to fill in the survey, regardless of whether or not they are members of CLIG.

To complete the survey click here.