Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Posted Monday, 8th February 2016

Readers of the legal press will have noticed a recent surge in the number of column inches devoted to artificial intelligence, big data and the automation of lawyers.  The topic has been discussed for decades, but are we now about to experience a big impact? Are the claims of recent developments science fiction, a practical breakthrough, or just hype?

This seminar will bring the mind-boggling computer science down to earth by looking at how these technologies can be used for the benefit of lawyers. We will consider whether legal process, research and knowledge management challenges can now be tackled in new ways, and look into the new applications which can be built using this technology. By looking at the "toolkits" of AI and big data we can consider what is really possible.

Speaker: Alex Smith
Alex Smith has worked at LexisNexis for 17 years, honing his expertise with online legal information and productivity tools. As a Senior Product Lead he combines customer-experience insight with developing next generation technology. By exploring the way lawyers work in the evolving legal industry, he develops products that support their collaborative, social and linked-data needs. This includes shared-working environments which encourage the contribution, distribution and adaptation of knowledge. Alex is currently working on the visualisation of legal and contract data using LexisNexis’ Big Data tools. 

Date: Thursday 3rd March 2016

Venue: Stephenson Harwood LLP, 1 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7SH

Time: 6.15 – 8.00 Networking drinks and nibbles after the talk.

Cost: £10 for members, £28 for non-members (non-member’s ticket price includes CLIG membership until the 31st March 2017).


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