Bank Lending

Posted Sunday, 25th March 2012

Our banks are debt-ridden and propped up by the taxpayer - so why is our government still encouraging them to lend? How do banks decide to lend or not? And what can - or should - they do to protect themselves from risky loans to borrowers who'll leave them in the sort of mess we all read about int ehr newspapers now?

CLIG is delighted to welcome Andrew Marshall, a Managing PSL in Linklaters’ banking team, to outline the key concepts of bank lending:

  • why companies borrow the vast sums of money you’ll see referred to in the press;
  • why they might choose loans rather than bonds, equity or other forms of corporate finance;
  • the different types of loans you’ll hear about (what’s the difference between "investment grade lending" and "leveraged loans"?);
  • how banks protect themselves from their borrowers defaulting (and how that creates work for the lawyers you work with); and
  • what happens when companies get into financial difficulties.

There will be an opportunity to network over a glass of wine after the seminar.

Date:Thursday 26thApril 2012
Time: 6.15pm
Venue: Linklaters LLP, One Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8HQ
Cost: £10 for members, £20 for non-members

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