Expired membership password issues

Did your paid membership expire at the end of March?

If it's more than a couple of months after your membership expired you won't be able to use the password reset. We deactivate expired member accounts and the login and password functions stop working.

Please e-mail the Membership Secretary and enquire about your account. They will be able to reactivate it for you temporarily and you will then be able to pick a password.

Please note that if your membership has expired, you will also need to renew it. This can be done online from the Members Area once your account is accessible again.

Expired more than a year ago?

If it's been longer than a year since you were a paid-up CLIG member we will have deleted your record. In this case you will need to re-register as a new member.

Any further questions?

Please contact the Membership Secretary if you are unsure about any of the above. They should be able to answer any questions you have regarding your CLIG account or membership.